How to Sell Your House Fast (And for Top Dollar)

Sometimes, you need to sell your home fast. Maybe you’re relocating for a new job or to be closer to family, or you need to sell your house to fund the purchase of a new one. Regardless of the specific reason, here are some tips on how to sell your house fast and still get top dollar.

1. Clean and Declutter

It almost seems too easy, but cleaning and decluttering can make a world of difference when it comes time to sell your home. In fact, cleaning and decluttering can increase your home’s value by as much as 5% — that’s enough to cover the cost of paying a real estate agent.

Tidying up around the house is one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable ways to increase your home’s value overnight. So, when you want to sell your house for top dollar, get your home fresh, clean, and decluttered.

2. Make sure the price is right

When new homes hit the market, they tend to generate a lot of interest, particularly when they’re priced aggressively. We’ve all seen this in action. You put in an offer on a home that’s listed for $400,000, only to discover a few weeks later that it sold for $460,000. In a tight seller’s market, homes can regularly sell for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars above the asking price.

The goal of pricing your home is to reach as many interested buyers as possible. That way, they can compete with one another and drive the price up.

If you’re working with a real estate agent, they’ll be able to help you price your home property. If you aren’t working with an agent, you can use the tried-and-true strategy of pricing slightly below market value to drum up a bidding war.

3. Seek out cash buyers

It might be cliché, but the phrase “cash is king” still rings true for buyers and sellers of real estate. Though most buyers finance their home purchases, roughly 32% will use cash. With a cash offer, you know the buyer has the financial means to go through with the purchase, and you likely won’t have to worry about potential hiccups with a mortgage.

4. Make it easy to show

While the rare buyer will purchase a home sight unseen, most people (understandably) want to tour the home in person. When you list your home for sale, try and accommodate as many showings as possible. For some sellers, installing a lock box and allowing real estate agents to show the home to potential buyers is the easiest and most effective option. At the very least, you should plan to give buyers several opportunities to check out the property through open houses and/or using an online scheduling tool.

5. Hire the best local real estate agent

How do you price your house right? How do you get your house ready to sell? How do you market your house? How do you negotiate with buyers and close the deal?

These are all excellent questions, and while selling your house on your own might save you a few thousand dollars upfront, it could end up costing you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

By hiring a local real estate agent, you can enlist the help of a trusted professional who can seamlessly guide you through the process of selling your home fast.

6. Professional staging

Some homebuyers can envision themselves in your home, while others might need a little creative inspiration. Professional staging isn’t cheap, but it’s usually a worthwhile investment if you want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. According to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, staging your home not only helps you sell faster, it also increases the sales price by an average of 20%.

7. Professional photos

The vast majority (97%) of homebuyers use the internet in their search for a home, which means the photos you use to list your home can attract buyers or send them in the opposite direction.

Professional photos are almost always a must when it comes to selling your home fast and for top dollar. A professional real estate photographer will know how to use angles and lighting to make the rooms look larger and highlight the home’s best features.

8. Order a pre-listing inspection

A pre-listing home inspection is like a traditional home inspection, with the key difference being that the seller chooses to order the inspection. A pre-listing inspection can give you a clear picture of any repairs your home might need. By ordering a pre-listing inspection, you can choose to make any necessary repairs on your own or negotiate the repairs upfront with potential buyers.

9. Up your curb appeal

First impressions are important, and your home’s curb appeal is a potential buyer’s introduction to your property. Curb appeal is about more than just a good first impression, though, and can actually help your home sell for 7% more than comparable homes with a less inviting exterior. Before you get ready to sell, boost your curb appeal with some landscaping, power washing your home’s exterior, and adding some tasteful outdoor furniture.

10. Detach and depersonalize

Your memories and personal belongings are what make your house your home. When it comes time to sell, detaching yourself and depersonalizing can help make way for the next owners to make the home their own. When you list your home for sale, try and remove anything personal, from toiletries and trinkets to family photos and funky furniture. Instead turn to neutral colors, styles, and furnishings (a professional stager can help you with that).

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